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List of stars and star systems beginning with the letter "B".

Star or star system Arity Makeup Associated bodies Locational references
Bajor-B'hava'el (Bajoran system)
Barnard's Star singular red dwarf, spectral class M4V none known Ophiuchus constellation, visible from Sol (5.9 ly), near Ross 154 (5.4 ly)
Behr'ak (Gamma Andromedae B) part of multiple star system Part of Gamma Andromedae system Alam'ak, Czar'ak Andromeda constellation, visible from Sol (350 ly)
Bejarus star system unknown Bejarus III Federation space
Bessel's Star (61 Cygni) binary star spectral classes K5V and K7V 61 Cygni A, 61 Cygni B, Tellar Prime, Kera, Phinda Cygnus constellation, visible from Sol (11 ly), near Barnard's Star (9 ly)
Beta Aurigae
Beta Bora system Heir'ocha, Heir'tzan near Klingon Neutral Zone
Beta Carinae (Miaplacidas) singular spectral class A2IV planetary system Carina constellation, visible from Sol (111 ly)
Beta Centauri (Agena)
Beta Cersus
Beta Cygni (Albireo)
Beta Epsilon Beta Epsilon VI near Federation-Klingon border
Beta Geminorum (Pollux) singular yellow-orange giant, spectral class K0IIIb Pollux II, Pollux IV, Pollux V Gemini constellation, visible from Sol (33 ly)
Beta Hydra 378
Beta Hydros Beta Hydros IV Federation space, near Alpha Hydros
Beta Leonis Minoris
Beta Lyrae (Sheliak) multiple star components spectral classes B7Ve, A8Vp, B7V, F at least one planet Lyra constellation, visible from Sol (900 ly)
Beta Magellan (Sigma Regonis)
Beta Niobe nova star Sarpeidon
Beta Proxima neutron star near Proxima Centauri
Beta Ophiuchi (Cebelrai) singular giant star, spectral class K2 Beta Ophiuchi VI Ophiuchus constellation, visible from Sol (82 ly)
Beta Renner star system unknown Selay, Antica
Beta Rigalia
Beta Tauri (El Nath) singular spectral class B7III Taurus II Taurus constellation, in or near Murasaki 312, visible from Sol (130 ly)
Beta Ursae Majoris (Merak)
Beta Veldonna singular yellow star Betazed, Lonita in Federation space
Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis)
Bursar's Beacon

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