Starvessel 814 was a Goeg Domain Class III vessel, commanded by Laspas of the Domain Defence Corps. It was an armoured, grey-green, space vessel, measuring about seventy meters long, with an angular, boxy shape, with two arching wings that extended from either side, which supported the warp nacelles. Though not primarily an atmospheric craft, it was capable of a planetary landing. The vessel possessed shields, and was armed with energy weapons, and cobalt fusion torpedoes. Typical of Goeg Domain ships, 814 did not have a name of its own, but instead was always referred to by its number.

During the investigation of the Nystrom Anomaly, the USS Enterprise was severely damaged, and was left unable to go to warp. The 814 offered to help the damaged starship, by taking it to the Wezonvu repair faciliy. But in order to get there, it still required making a trip of twenty two light-years. Both crews agreed to a plan to physically join both ships together, in order to create a warp field large enough to encompass both ships, but at the cost of the Enterprise relinquishing much control over to the 814 for the duration of the journey. (TOS novel: The Shocks of Adversity)

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