Robots statue

The giant statue of one of the Robots' humanoid creators

A statue was a type of sculpture, depicting a person (generally the full figure, rather than a bust), persons, or event.

In the 2250s of an alternate reality, the "stress-reduction activities" on the Starfleet Academy campus during "dead week" included dressing statues of renowned admirals with lingerie from an Orion cadet. There were statues of David Farragut and Yuri Gagarin on campus at this time. (TOS - Starfleet Academy novels: The Gemini Agent, The Assassination Game)

In 2266, while investigating the homeworld of a Robot civilization, the crew of the USS Enterprise discovered a gigantic statue of a humanoid. As they discovered shortly after, the statue could slide to one side, allowing a large mechanical arm of the Robots' Master Computer to reach out, and in this instance take hold of the Enterprise crew persons. While the Master Computer held its captives it explained that the statue was of one of the Robots' humanoid creators, a millions years prior. (TOS comic: "UK comic strips, first story arc")

In 2376, Planetary Administrator Orosz of Sherman's Planet suggested that a statue be erected of Doctor Elizabeth Lense, who was responsible for developing the cure for Sherman's Plague and saving the majority of the planet's population. (SCE eBook: Oaths)

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