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Stephen Garrovick (also known as Thomas Garrovick) was a male Human, serving in the Federation Starfleet as an officer in the 23rd century.


By the late 2250s decade, he had reached the rank of captain and been placed in command of the Constitution-class starship USS Farragut. In the year 2257, during a mission to Tycho IV, Garrovick and two hundred of his crew were killed by a dikironium cloud creature. James T. Kirk, serving under Garrovick on his first deep-space assignment, felt terrible guilt over his captain's death for years to follow. (TOS episode: "Obsession"; TOS comic: "Gary")

Garrovick was the husband of Anne Garrovick, with whom he had a son, Stephen. (TOS novel: In the Name of Honor)



Captain Garrovick was given the first name Stephen in the comic Who's Who in Star Trek, Issue 2, under the entry for Starships. This was confirmed in Federation: The First 150 Years.

The Star Trek: The Original Series Core Game Book calls him Thomas Garrovick.

The comic Debt of Honor consistently misspells his name as Garrovik.


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