Stil was a male Turei military officer who fought against the Vaadwaur. (STO - "The Delta Quadrant" mission: "All That Glitters")


In the year 2410, Stil was in command of the Turei forces rushing to aid the Talaxian colony in the Entaba system when it came under attack from the Vaadwaur Supremacy. Supremacy leader Gaul himself led the attack and killed several Talaxians. The Turei beamed down reinforcements to help the Talaxian defenders and Alpha Quadrant Alliance away team holding out against the Vaadwaur onslaught in the shuttlebay. (STO - "The Delta Quadrant" mission: "All That Glitters")

When the ground troops were defeated, Stil led the Turei starships in their battle against the Vaadwaur, fighting side by side with the AQA. When the Vaadwaur retreated, Stil hailed the AQA and informed the alliance that the help at Entaba was the payback for the defense of the Turei homeworld by the AQA earlier. Stil considered the obligation repaid. The AQA starship captain voiced the hope that the AQA and the Turei would be allies someday. (STO - "The Delta Quadrant" mission: "All That Glitters")