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Stonehenge was an historic site in England so named for the great, oblong blocks of stone positioned in a circular arrangement.

After thwarting Na'kuhl operations in the Temporal Cold War on 1940s Earth, Jonathan Archer witnessed Stonehenge during the restoration of the timeline. (ENT episode: "Cold Front")

Voyager 6

Voyager 6/V'Ger - a machine version of Stonehenge?

In the year 2273, when he first witnessed the Voyager 6 probe within V'Ger, James T. Kirk considered that if a machine could conceive Stonehenge it would look the same. (TOS novelization: The Motion Picture)

Two years later in 2275, while experiencing Lia Burke's inversion drive-provoked memories, Kirk likened the na'mdeihei to Stonehenge. (TOS novel: The Wounded Sky)

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