hStranger Worlds, Issue 4 is the 4th issue of Stranger Worlds.


It's a race between the forces of good and evil! The first to reach the only Power Battery in the universe will control the destiny of all worlds! Can Hal Jordan and the crew of the Enterprise beat Sinestro and his allies to the ultimate prize?

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Previously in Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds:
The last few Lantern rings in existence are running out of power. But the discovery of Manhunters by Captain Kirk and Hal Jordan suggests that the planet Oa, home to the Guardians of the Universe, may exist in this reality.
Sinestro has already modified Manhunter technology to find a way to Oa himself.
Kirk and Jordan, along with the crew of the
U.S.S. Enterprise, encounter the newest bearer of red power ring: the newly awoken Khan Noonien Singh, along with his army of Augments...

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James T. KirkHal JordanGuy GardnerJohn StewartKilowogKhan Noonien SinghZahraPavel ChekovNyota UhuraLeonard McCoyLarfleeze

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USS EnterpriseUSS Bryant



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Human (Augment) • VulcanManhunter


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United Federation of PlanetsKlingon Empire

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