Stratos City Dwellers were residents of the Cloud City of Stratos above the planet Ardana, and considered the uppermost class of Ardanan society. The City Dwellers (or Stratos Dwellers) dedicated themselves to artistic and intellectual pursuits, supported by Sentinels, who were responsible for law enforcement, and the Troglytes, manual laborers whose travels to and within Stratos were closely regulated and monitored. The high-handed treatment of Troglytes by many City Dwellers gave rise to the Disrupters. (TOS episode: "The Cloud Minders")

Following the Great Disruption in the late 23rd century, Stratos was abandoned and the class distinction was largely eliminated; however, some Ardanans in the late 24th century still considered it a point of pride to be descended from Stratos City Dwellers. (CoE eBook: Signs from Heaven)

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