Success was a Ferengi musical quartet, and the most popular recording act in the history of Ferenginar. Led by Grymi Success on the windsqueezer, the four rose from poverty in Kidneypond to global fame, selling recordings and playing to sold-out venues around the planet.

Success has been scheduled to perform at the Isle of Grub Festival, which was billed as "Five Days of Music, Oo-mox, and Merchandising," but canceled their appearance when Grymi and his wife, Pino, instead decided to spend the day tied up in a tube grub harvesting sack, and the rest of the group left for Risa. The absence of Success caused a riot that injured over a hundred thousand. Soon after, Success released the album In Memory of the Fallen, a Tribute to the Tragedy at Grub, including the song "Grymi Says He's Sorry". The album sold a hundred million copies. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

Noted Songs by SuccessEdit

See also: The Beatles.

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