Superman was a fictional superhero who featured in stories by Earth's DC Comics in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Charles Tucker III was a big fan of Superman, although Malcolm Reed was less impressed. (ENT episode: "Shuttlepod One")

Superman was mentioned alongside Horatio Hornblower and Cyrus Centauri by Piper in 2269. (TOS - Fortunes of War novel: Battlestations!)

Geordi La Forge mentioned to Doctor Beverly Crusher in 2364 that he felt like his superiors were consistently expecting him to look through walls for them, as if he were Superman. (TNG novel: Ghost Ship)

The terms "superman" (lower case "s") or "genetic superman" are also commonly-used in referring to augments. (TOS episode & Star Trek 2 novelization: Space Seed)

An interesting paradox exists, in that characters from the Star Trek universe have crossed over, through a time-distortion, into the reality of Superman's future. There is currently no explanation how the "real" Clark Kent of that reality could be a fictional character in another reality. DC Comics also published Star Trek comics from 1984 to 1995.

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