Surjan was a male Cardassian active in the Cardassian Defense Force in the early 25th century. (STO mission: "Standoff")


Surjan's parents fled Cardassia Prime at the end of the Dominion War. He was raised on a colony in the Atbar system.

Surjan was a noted artist whose carvings had been exhibited on Cardassia, Bajor, and Andoria.

Before transferring to command track, Surjan served as an engineering officer. He was mentored by Gul Antos, who eventually recommended him for promotion to gul and command of a Galor-class cruiser.

In 2409 Antos was implicated as a traitor to the Cardassian Union and believed to be planning to defect to the True Way. Protesting his innocence, Antos fled Cardassian space, and Surjan requested that he be the one to bring him in. Cornered over Bajor, Antos refused to surrender, but Surjan refused to fire and continued trying to talk him down. Their dispute was detected by Samua, a Starfleet Academy cadet repairing communications equipment in Hathon, and a starship was dispatched to intervene. Both guls agreed to beam to the responder's conference room to settle the matter.

Antos remarked that he was unsure of Surjan's motives in taking the assignment to pursue him: either Surjan didn't want to believe him guilty, or he took his former mentor's betrayal personally. However, in either case Surjan had little choice, as if Antos was found guilty it would have cast suspicion on Surjan as well if he did not pursue, given their past friendship.

The responding CO quickly determined that the evidence against Antos had been fabricated by the True Way, and Surjan and Antos returned to Cardassian space. (STO mission: "Standoff")

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