While stranded on a dying planet, Cadet Worf and his friends discover they are not alone!

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Rescue Overdue

Deadly space raiders have destroyed the colony on Dantar. Now stranded on this remote planet, surrounded by the burning fires of the abandoned colony, Worf, his friends from Starfleet Academy, and cadets from the Klingon Empire fight to survive. They face harsh weather, low supplies, and hidden dangers.

As suspicion between the Klingon and Starfleet cadets grows, the camp quickly becomes a battleground, with Worf right in the middle.

But Worf and the others soon realize they are not alone as they face a mysterious and dangerous alien warrior. Klingons and humans now must unite and work together before their first mission in deep space becomes their last....


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BaanGowrZak KebronK'EhleyrKodashMark McHenrySoletaTaggertTania TobiasWorf
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Sergey RozhenkoAlexander Trump

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USS Repulse


Dantar IV

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Klingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

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