Suus Mahna is the name given to a Vulcan martial art, one that takes many years of training to learn.

Within the art, there is a special move known as the Navorkot which teaches the practioner a way to evade incoming blades. This is done by jumping to the side and rolling based on reading the movement of the enemy and to forsee when, as well as where, they intend to strike.

Though it is a Vulcan martial art, it has been known to be taught to outsiders. This was the case with the inhabitants of a deuterium mining colony who were taught by T'Pol in 2152 on how to better defend themselves against the Klingon pirates harassing them for five seasons. (ENT episode: "Marauders")

In the alternate timeline created by Nero, Spock was well trained in the art of Suus Mahna, although for defensive purposes only. (TOS novelization: Star Trek)

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