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Lady Svaath Magodin is a Xindi-Reptilian female from New Xindus. In 2363, she was the Federation Secretary of Science and Space Exploration. In that capacity, she gave a speech at the commissioning ceremony for the USS Enterprise-D, praising the ship as a sign that Starfleet was returning to its primary role of exploration. She extended this into a plea for further exploration of the universe.

She was shorter than was average for her species, and had a voice that reminded Thomas Halloway "of a little elf." On the other hand, she was typically quite direct and Halloway also thought that she carried herself like a Vulcan matriarch. (TNG - The Sky's the Limit short story: "Meet with Triumph and Disaster")

Magodin is the first female Xindi-reptilian to be depicted in Star Trek fiction, as all canonical members of the species were male.

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