Syjin was a Bajoran male and smuggler.

In 2318, Syjin was nearly killed because a man believed that Syjin was sleeping with his wife when, in reality, Syjin was only taking the wife to visit a different man on one of Bajor's moons. Fortunately, Syjin's friend Darrah Mace was a City Watch officer and was present to save him.

In 2323, Syjin was brought before a court by the Cardassians on charges that he had smuggled illegal substances into an Oralian enclave. Once again, Syjin was saved when Darrah stuck up for him in court and the only penalty was the temporary loss of his starship. Soon after, Syjin's ship was returned so that he could aid in the clean-up after Cemba Station was bombed.

In 2328, Syjin was making a trade with Grek in the Ajir system when Grek discovered the remnants of a starship on Ajir IX's moon. Syjin tried to stop him from taking anything, but in the end was only able to save the flight recorder. Syjin immediately took this recorder to Darrah and they examined it, revealing the truth behind what the Cardassians had done to Bajor. They then tried to escape the Bajor system with it but were hunted by Gul Dukat and Syjin was killed in the battle. (TLE - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

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