Sigma Draconis system

Orbiting bodies in the star system at Sigma Draconis.

A star system is an area of space located around a star, and includes all of the objects that orbit that star, i.e. planets, moons, asteroids, gas clouds and comets, which are all held in place in the star's gravity. A multiple star system exists when more than one star are locked together by gravitational attraction. As such, a system with two stars is called a binary star system, and three stars form a trinary star system.

The size of a solar system is usually dictated by the extent of a star's gravitational pull on the system. The edge of a system is usually made up of an Oort cloud, which is a layer of ice and debris. (ST reference: Star Charts)



Galactic regions: quadrantsectorclusternebulastar system
System bodies: starplanetplanetoiddwarf planetasteroidmeteoroidcomet

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