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Szagy Park

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Sisko and Jennifer

Szagy Park.

Szagy Park was a location which Benjamin Sisko and Jennifer often visited.

One of their visits to the park in 2354 included a picnic, where Jennifer wore a gossamer floral dress and Benjamin used a wicker basket that had belonged to his father Joseph Sisko. Their picnic also included, most significant of all, Sisko's proposal of marriage to Jennifer. (DS9 novelization: Emissary)

In 2369, Sisko experienced a replay of his memory of Szagy Park and his proposal of marriage while attempting to explain the Prophets about linear time. Sisko saw himself and Jennifer from a distance with a Prophet in her form. (DS9 episode: "Emissary")

The exact location of the park was never revealed, although the name, mentioned in the novelization, might indicate a connection with Hungary.

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