Szamra was a Gorn Nizor in the 24th century. As a Nizor, he held a lot of influence in the government of the Gorn Hegemony. With this influence, he later backed Sozzerozs, the then Imperator of the Gorn Hegemony when he was Nizor.

In 2384, Szamra accompanied Lord Imperator Sozzerozs to the planet Orion, who met with President Nanietta Bacco. While there, Sozzerozs negotiated a possible alliance, which had really been a ruse to simply draw out Bacco. As part of the plan, a party was organized at the Bank of Orion, which would allow Bacco to be in a possibly insecure location. After she was drawn out, the Breen Confederacy proceeded with their assassination attempt. Having replaced Esperanza Piñiero with an android, the doppelganger began firing into the crowd. In the crowd, she hit several people, Szamra included. Szamra later died from his injuries. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: Silent Weapons)

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