The T'Karath class starships were a type of vessels of Vulcan design. They were hospital ships that were equipped with multiple transporter stations and made use of small hunter seeker craft which looked through sites in search for wounded beings.

In 2379, an incident occured over Vulcan which necessitated the deployment of a number of T'Karath class hospital ships that searched for any wounded. (TOS novel: Captain's Blood)


Starship classes of the Confederacy of Vulcan
By name D'KyrD'VahlKarekhMaymoraMerchantSitarSovalSuurokT'KarathT'PariT'Plana HathTal'KyrToj LolVoroth VulcanIDIC
By type Protectorate ringshipVahklas typeVulcan probe shipVulcan robot shipVulcan shuttleVulcan survey ship

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