T'Klass was a Vulcan male who lived during what was the 4th century. T'Klass was one of Surak's students, and would later become one of the first Kolinahr masters. (ENT episode: "Awakening")

After his death, T'Klass was buried in the catacombs under the T'Karath Sanctuary. As there was no inscription to identify his remains, knowledge of his identity was eventually lost. (ENT episode: "Awakening") Stone statues of T'Klass were present at the Akrelt Refuge. (TOS novel: The Fire and the Rose)

In 2154, Jonathan Archer, T'Pol, and T'Les were searching for the Kir'Shara and encountered his remains. Archer, who was holding Surak's katra at the time was able to identify the mummified body of T'Klass. (ENT episode: "Awakening")

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