T'Ryth was a female Vulcan in the 23rd century. She was an instructor at the Institute for the Transmission of Vulcan Culture at least since 2236, and as of 2293, was the Matron of the institute. She held strong, prejudicial opinions about non-Vulcans and Vulcans of mixed racial heritage. Despite this -- or because of it -- she took special interest in Spock when he was a student at age six, as well as another Vulcan-human child named Sanara.

T'Ryth also believed in the existence of the mythical city of ShiGral, and helped fund the archaeological dig to find it, in order to hasten the return of Surak. She also deceived Sanara to use her strong psionic powers to help find the city's remains. When her unethical behavior was discovered, she was forced to resign from the Institute, and to undergo treatment for her unbalanced and illogical thought processes. (TOS short story: "The First Law of Metaphysics")

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