T'alar was a male Romulan who reached the position of commander of the Romulan Star Navy in the late 24th century.

In 2370, he was assigned by the Romulan Star Empire to a covert operation where he along with his troops were living in a secret base in the Gamma Quadrant located in a region known as The Abyss. This area of space was avoided by the other inhabitants of the region as they believed legends of a Great Bird that destroyed any that trespassed in the location. These myths served as a suitable cover story for the Romulan activities and T'alar was placed in command of the facility during the Star Empire's attempts at preventing any other power from establishing a foothold in that territory. It was believed by the Praetor that any power that expanded in the Gamma Quadrant would be a threat to the survival of the Romulan state.

To that end, the Romulans staged an elaborate plan involving the destruction of the IKS K'Tang of the Klingon Empire and planting evidence in order to implicate the Cardassian Union for the incident. This nearly brought war between the two government with their conflict almost involving Deep Space 9 in the animosity between the two species. In order to uncover the truth, Deep Space 9 Commander Benjamin Sisko dispatched Lieutenant Jadzia Dax along with Doctor Julian Bashir and Captain Kaleth in a runabout to investigate the disappearance of the K'Tang. Their investigation drew them into the Abyss where T'alar's men captured them and the Commander spoke alone with Jadzia Dax. T'alar was to be rotated out of the facility in time and offered to take Dax to the Romulan Star Empire though she refused. Despite the Romulans scheme, their plan was uncovered when the Starfleet runabout managed to escape with its crew and a warbird was dispatched to follow them. However, it simply emerged from the Bajoran wormhole and was destroyed by the Klingon fleet waiting outside. (DS9 - Hearts and Minds comic: "Masters of War")

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