For other uses, see T'liss.

T'liss was a class P planet in the T'liss system, inside Romulan space. Following the discovery of decalithium deposits in the western continent, the planet became contested territory between the Romulan Star Empire, Starfleet and the Hirogen. (STO video game: Star Trek Online)


In 2409, Starfleet repelled a Romulan incursion into the system. (STO - "Romulan Mystery" mission: "T'liss System Patrol")

In the same year, a Borg cube investigated the system in search for Iconian technology. Cube 19721 was heavily damaged in the process. Soon after, the Tal Shiar attempted to salvage the derelict cube but reactivated it accidentally. The IRW Fraire destroyed the cube.

The asteroid field in vicinity to T'liss harbored Nausicaan pirates. Their ships were destroyed by the Tal Shiar. (STO - "In Shadows" mission: "Sleepers")



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