T'lokan schism was a Vulcan term in medicine that described a situation where the brain has repressed a traumatic memory which resurfaces later in life.

The schism as known to cause a disruption in the memory engrams of the dorsal hippocampus. This was dangerous as it would cause damage to the surrounding tissue and, as the condition became more advanced, resulted in the person suffering from confusion as their memories along with their thought processes became affected.

In the 2370's, there was no treatment for T'lokan schism and the only way that was developed with combating it was stating by Vulcan psycho-cognitive research to involve a mind meld by a family member who served as a pyllora. The goal of the mind meld was to draw out the repressed memory that was causing damage to the brain and allow the conscious mind to evaluate it.

Sufferers of the SchismEdit

  • In 2373, Tuvok suffered from symptoms of T'lokan schism due to a Memory virus had disguised itself as a repressed memory.

(VOY episode: Flashback)