T'vis, son of Barot (tlhIngan Hol: tI'vIS barot puqloD[1]) was a 24th century Klingon man, a member of the Klingon Defense Force in the 2370s decade.


In the year 2373, T'vis was on Ty'Gokor to be inducted into the Order of the Bat'leth. T'vis was presented with the Order medallion during the ceremony by Chancellor Gowron. (DS9 episode: "Apocalypse Rising")

In 2376, T'vis was serving as the first officer of the IKS Taj. After Klag sent a message to all members of the Order of the Bat'leth to stand with him against General Talak, T'vis asked Captain B'Edra to take the Taj to San-Tarah. T'vis betrayed Klag and his supporters to Talak and killed his commanding officer. He ordered the Taj to attack Klag's ships, but was killed by the second officer of the Taj after Talak was killed. (KE novel: Honor Bound)

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