Tafock Navar Relal was a novel written by an unknown author in the Gamma Quadrant circa 2376, which gained a great deal of popularity in its native region of the galaxy. That year, the Vorta Luaran used a file copy of Tafock Navar Relal to hide a program which utilized nanites to turn the user's padd reading device into a weapon that fired "sonic bullets". A translated copy of this novel was then distributed to the Alpha Quadrant, via a Wadi trader named Tellow and Ferengi businessman Quark.

USS da Vinci Crewman Kenneth Caitano purchased the novel and padd from Quark, and uploaded it to the da Vinci library computer, believing it would be popular among Alpha Quadrant readers as well. P8 Blue, however, thought the translation was too rough to give it a widespread readership. (SCE eBook: Malefictorum)

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