Tagok was a male Vulcan in the 23rd century. He hailed from the Last-of-all-Cities on Darien 224, a lost colony stranded from the rest of the Vulcan people before the Logic-reformation, but lived as an outlaw, opposed to the colony under the leadership of Matriarch T'Kell.

In 2254 Tagok captured the Starfleet starship USS Cortez which was surveying the planet. He fitted it with a Tol par-doj, an ancient Vulcan psionic weapon. Six weeks later the USS Enterprise arrived in the system search for the Cortez and Tagok promptly attacked. He had boarding parties attempt to capture the Enterprise but they were repelled and the Enterprise temporarily crippled the Cortez. After making repairs Tagok began another attack but the Cortez was destroyed before he could complete it by Vorl-tak a weapon fired by T'Kell and her followers from the planet below. (EV comic: Cloak and Dagger)

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