Tailen Kahn was an administrative Starfleet admiral in the 23rd century. He was a male humanoid with thick, orange skin, and a long prehensile tail. He was sent as highest-ranking Starfleet officer to preside over a celebration admitting Quodor to the Federation. However, while traveling there from a starbase aboard a shuttlecraft, he was diverted to neighboring planet Tristas. An encounter with a collective consciousness expanded his perspective on life, and afterward he considered a transfer to work on Tristas. (TOS comic: "The Final Truth")

Kahn did not wear a recognizable Starfleet uniform, but was specified to be an admiral. As an administrator, it is possible that Kahn would wear an operations division red uniform, as did Administrative Commodore Stocker. Also, on the comic cover, Tailen Kahn was wrongfully colored as dark green rather than orange.