Tak was a male Cardassian in the Cardassian Guard, last seen as the commander of the science vessel Vendikar.

Tak was once the aide to Gul Gavron, but fell from grace after being made to take the fall for a poor decision on Gavron's part. This may have been Gavron's decision to command eight warships to follow him into Federation space and open fire on Deep Space Nine when his daughter Kam was discovered to have run away to the station--an escape she managed in part by taking advantage of the young officer's kindness towards her. Despite her actions, Kam regretted the possibility of trouble falling upon Tak. (DS9 novel: Prisoners of Peace)

Unfortunately, Gavron's punishment largely destroyed the person Kam knew. During his time on the Vendikar, Tak was known for heavy drinking and a surly manner towards those who served under him, which military scientist Garaia supposed to stem from the derailment of his once-promising career. When the powerful, incredibly immense Hive was spotted in Cardassian space, the potential of making a scientific discovery that could reverse the fate of the Cardassian Union--and restore his own career--invigorated Tak for one last time, bringing back something of his old enthusiasm. Tragically, Tak's life, and that of his entire crew, was cut short when the Hive deployed a monofilament weapon against which his ship's shields were useless. (DS9 novel: Objective: Bajor)