The Tal'Kyr class was a class of shuttlecraft designed by the Vulcans and was used by the Confederacy of Vulcan and were often attached to D'Kyr class science vessels. While the Vulcans initially made use of these craft, they did make the design available to Starfleet to build. Tal'Kyr support craft held a crew of 25 which included two bridge officers.

They were classified as support craft because they were not designed to be combat vessels. They were designed to be used to support their carrier craft along with ally ships. This was done through the use of structural integrity fields that were used by the shuttle to repair the damage sustained on a targets shield or hull. The Tal'Kyr support craft were not attack ships, but were capable of making use of their weapons array that consisted of a plasma turret and photon torpedo weapon to attack targets of opportunity. (ST website: STO)


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