The Talarians are a humanoid species native to the Alpha Quadrant. Their government is the Talarian Republic.

The home star system of the Talarian species is the Talar system. (TNG video game: Birth of the Federation)

Talarians are characterized by a distinctive hairless enlargement of the coronal area of the skull extending in two lobes to the back of the head. Talarian blood is red; natives of this species are prone to radiation burns and respiratory distress. (TNG episode: "Suddenly Human")

Raktajino is known to have intoxicating effects on Talarians. (DS9 episode: "A Simple Investigation")

In the 2360s, Talarian military weaponry was inferior to Federation standards, consisting of neutral particle weapons, X-ray lasers, and Merculite rockets, and thus didn't represent a serious tactical threat to a Galaxy-class starship. They also employed subspace proximity detonators and self-destruct devices that were installed on their ships. (TNG episode: "Heart of Glory")