The Talaxian colony was a settlement on Rinax, a moon of the planet Talax. Neelix resided at the colony with his family.

Neelix once commented that from the surface of Talax you could see the lights of the colony. Since he said "the colony" instead of "colonies," it implies that this may have been the only settlement on Rinax.

The colony was destroyed in 2355 when the Haakonian Order deployed the Metreon Cascade, a weapon of mass destruction, on the moon's surface. The weapon turned the entire surface of Rinax into cinders. Neelix further said that about 300,000 Talaxians died in the attack, an indication that the colony may have been as large as a small city.

The Rinax marshlands and the Sun fields were in close proximity to the Talaxian colony. (VOY episodes: "Jetrel", "Friendship One" and ST reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

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