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Talis Dejana was a Bajoran female who was born on Bajor in 2362, and was the younger sister of Talis Cedara.

The two arrived at the resettlement camp near Lacroya in 2368, but they managed to keep their spirits up, unlike the other children in the camp. Dejana had come down with the fever sickness but recovered on her own. Brother Talissin said that she had been touched by the Prophets. After meeting Lt. Dax, Dejana revealed that her "father bred the best verdanis in Bennikar".

For some time, it was believed that Dejana was the Nekor prophesied by Kai Opaka Sulan. However, it was later revealed that Dejana's sister, Cedara, was the actual Nekor. (DS9 novel: Warchild)

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