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For other uses, see Tamar.

Prefect Tamar was a Kelvan officer. In 2568, Tamar was dispatched by the Kelvan High Command to investigate Commander Rojan's activities in the Milky Way Galaxy. He had all 100 tentacles, which Rojan took as a sign that Tamar had never been in combat because any veteran soldier would have lost at least 10 or 15 tentacles. Tamar subsequently assumed a humanoid disguise, as Rojan insisted, since the world on which the Kelvans had settled would not sustain the native Kelvan form for long.

Rojan attempted to persuade Tamar that the Federation's desire for peace was genuine and that the Kelvans should accept, but Tamar refused all such overtures, insisting that the Kelvan conquest would overwhelm the entire galaxy. Rojan then informed Tamar that he was going to send a galaxy bomb to the Andromeda Galaxy (however, the device was actually a signed and sealed formal peace treaty between the Federation and the Kelvan Empire). Tamar ordered him to stop and was subsequently turned into a cube, which the Kelvans stored in their barn (as Kelinda wryly pointed out, they would soon need a bigger barn, as Tamar was apparently not the first Kelvan officer sent to interrogate them). (TOS - Strange New Worlds 9 short story: "Gone Native")

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