Tamos Draman the Half-Sighted was a Grey Orion who lived during the Orion War and a member of the Botchok Planetary Congress (BPC).

In April, 61 BCE (reference stardate −20/6104), the BPC began discussing the shape and structure of the society that they would adopt after the war. Eloquently but unsuccessfully, Tamos argued for a hierarchy that placed his Grey Orions a little above the Ruddy Orions. The BPC chose to give Greys and Ruddies equal rights, and enshrined these in the Codex Orion.

As a Grey Orion, Tamos's role would likely have been erased from Orion history or rewritten in some way during the Dispossession. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Deep Knowledge)

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