DS5 vicinity

Tarod on a Beta Quadrant star chart.

Tarod is a star system located in Sector 30 near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

By the 24th century, the Federation claimed this system, building an outpost, Starbase 33, at the ninth planet of the system, Tarod IX.

In the year 2364, the starship USS Enterprise-D visited this system, escorting a Creeg starship they had encountered, in order to introduce them to delegates of the Federation at the starbase. (TNG comics: "Spirit in the Sky!", "Q Factor")

"Spirit in the Sky" established that the Enterprise was en route to Starbase 33. After they completed their stop, Jean-Luc Picard mentions that the system they were departing after visiting the base was Tarod.

At the end of 2364, the outpost was attacked and destroyed by a Borg vessel. (TNG episodes: "The Neutral Zone", "Q Who?"; CCG set: Premiere)


  • Tarod (primary)
    • Tarod I
    • Tarod II
    • Tarod III
    • Tarod IV
    • Tarod V
    • Tarod VI
    • Tarod VII
    • Tarod VIII
    • Tarod IX

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