Taru Bolivar was an underground organization formed on planet Phantas 61 in the 2370s order to oppose the business operations of entrepreneur Rod Portlyn in the Norvel system. The name comes from a phrase in the Phantasian language, meaning "to see reality as it should be."

The creation of Taru Bolivar came in response to the over-mining of Phantas 61 by Portlyn in the late 2360s and early 2370s, and his subsequent plans, after the mines were tapped, of turning the planet into a dumping ground for interplanetary space garbage. Portlyn's former aide and Phantas 61 native, Elless, became a leader of Taru Bolivar.

When Portlyn struck up a partnership with the United Federation of Planets for the development of neighboring planet Vemlar, Taru Bolivar launched a series of terroristic attacks on Portlyn holdings on that planet, Kalibiss and Asteroid P-12. These attacks, one of which seriously injured Starfleet Commander Sonya Gomez, drew the attentions of the USS da Vinci. The Taru Bolivar was discovered by Lieutenant Commander Domenica Corsi, but Elless was able to convince her of the real threat Portlyn posed. This became more evident when a group of mercenary Orions launched a biological weapon at Phantas 61. Corsi and her away team then joined with the Taru Bolivar, manning a fleet of small "runner" spacecraft to deflect the missile attack on the planet.

The evidence uncovered by the Taru Bolivar was then used to reveal Portlyn's unethical practices, leading to the seizure of his properties by business rival Patrice Bennett. (SCE eBook: The Art of the Deal)

Known Taru Bolivar membersEdit

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