The Zahl space vessel Tascara was a Zahl starship, a space vessel in Zahl Regnancy service in the 2380s decade. The ship was assigned to patrol the Sormana system. The Tascara's commanding officer was Shipmaster Pilusch. (VOY novel: A Pocket Full of Lies)


In June 2382, the Federation starship USS Voyager was greeted by the Zahl space vessel Tascara when it tried to enter the orbit of the warzone planet Sormana. Shipmaster Pilusch warned Captain Chakotay about the planet's defense perimeter. Chakotay received much the same response from Ornzitar Rileez of the Rilnar vessel Golant.

When Voyager breached the defense perimeter in July, the Tascara was one of twelve Zahl vessels engaging the invader but soon found themselves locked in battle with the Rilnar. Voyager's interference was instrumental in ending the war on Sormana and the battle in orbit of the planet. While the Tascara survived the conflict, the Golant did not. (VOY novel: A Pocket Full of Lies)