Tatharoc, which was also known as Rigellian karate, was a martial art developed by the Orions of Rigel VII at some unknown point in their history. There were few records on its earliest practitioners with such information contradicting each other. According to the best guesses of Federation scholars, tatharoc was developed by normal Orions in an effort to contain or compete with their most animalistic sub-caste.

Tatharoc made use of rapid kicks, throws, vicious headbutts and claw-like 'rake-punches'. Two special techniques of tatharoc were Devil's Claw (a rake-punch) and Iron Forehead (a headbutt).

The teachings of this fighting style were relatively simple to learn which meant that it had long passed the confines of its people and the Rigel system. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Player's Guide)

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