Teluridian IV was a planet located somewhere in the space of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants, the fourth planet in orbit of the Teluridian star system.

History and specificsEdit

Teluridian IV was the site of a Maquis victory over Starfleet forces at some point prior to the the year 2371. B'Elanna Torres and Chakotay tricked two Federation runabouts by venting liquid nitrogen from their dorsal phase emitters and making their vessel appear disabled. They then targeted the runabouts when the Starfleet forces investigated the supposedly troubled Maquis. When Torres suggested to Chakotay that the trick be used by the USS Voyager against a Numiri starship, Kathryn Janeway suggested the trick was an old feint that wouldn't have fooled her, but it was successful. (VOY episode: "Ex Post Facto")



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