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The Tenebians were an apparently genderless race native to the Alpha or Beta Quadrant. The Tenebians were quadrapedal, with two equine forelimbs, and had bodies that were covered with thousands upon thousands of iridescent green-and-brown scales. They had two wide-set yellow eyes, a long skull, four nimble, double-thumbed hands, and natural singsong speaking voices. As they were quadrupedal, they seemed more comfortable laying on their sides. According to Dr. Phlox's observance, it was probably not in their nature to simply order compliance with the wishes of a superior officer.

In 2156, the Enterprise encountered a damaged Tenebian vessel and helped get the ship under way. The injured crew members were treated by Dr. Phlox. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: To Brave the Storm)

Known TenebiansEdit

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