Terek Pa'Dan was an artist and glinn in the Cardassian Union in the 24th century.

Terek Pa'Dan was the son of Cardassian Nestor Mhevita Pa'Dan, who was drafted into the Dominion War via Dukat's Draft for revenge over Mhevita crossing Gul Skrain Dukat during the Cardassian Occupation. Although being selected in Dukat's Draft was not the specific act of revenge, the fact Dukat ensured Terek was placed on the Romulan Front, the most brutal front during the war, was said act of revenge. Terek had been torn from his quiet life as an artist, before being forced onto the front lines.

During the War, Terek was captured by the Romulans on Sekula, but was treated fairly and allowed to contact his mother, Mhevita. He kept in contact with her up until 2381, at which point he started a family with a Romulan in the Repatriation Committee, the committee responsible for prisoners of war. The reason for the discontinuation of contact had been the fact a Cardassian and a Romulan couple would not be welcome either on Cardassia Prime or Romulus. However, come 2385, his mother was uncomfortable with the lack of contact and wished to know his fate, thus she contacted her old friend Odo, who in turn went to Starfleet Captain Ro Laren and Cardassian Castellan Elim Garak. After a bit of political maneuvering and an unfolding diplomatic incident, Major Varis of the Repatriation Committee allowed Terek and the other Cardassian prisoners to meet their families from Cardassia Prime on Deep Space 9. Terek showed up with his wife, Veelak, a Romulan Colonel, and their hybrid Cardassian/Romulan daughter. Terek reunited with Mhevita and was told he and the other prisoners, along with their new families, would receive full citizenship on Cardassia Prime. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

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