Teris Juze was a female Bajoran journalist.

In 2376, Teris was partnered with Lamerat Anjen and the pair covered various events on Cardassia in December of that year, from a riot in Cardassia City, Alon Ghemor's political difficulties and Nyra Maleren nearly detonating an explosive at the Andak Project. (DS9 - Worlds of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel: Cardassia: The Lotus Flower)

In 2385, Odo commented that Nestor Mhevita Pa'Dan had nearly been able to get Teris off on a technicality when Teris was tried by a Cardassian court during the Occupation of Bajor. Skrain Dukat sought revenge for Pa'Dan's actions when he became leader of Cardassia in 2373. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

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