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Vanguard primary hull interior

The terrestrial enclosure within a Watchtower-class primary hull

The terrestrial enclosure was a massive domed area within Watchtower class space stations primary hulls. The enclosure was landscaped to mimic Earth-based environments and had an artificial sky that could be programmed to simulate day or night. In the 2260s, no other non-planetary base had anything like this facility for Starfleet and civilian personnel. (VAN novella: Almost Tomorrow)

The terrestrial enclosure in Starbase Vanguard, also known simply as "the park", housed Fontana Meadow, the high-speed maglev tram, the athletic field, and Stars Landing commercial and residential district amongst other facilities and establishments. (VAN novel: Harbinger)


Vanguard (station) sections, facilities and establishments
Sections command towerenergy reactor housingexternal docking wheelprimary hullsecondary hullspacedockterrestrial enclosure
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Establishments Café RomanoManón'sofficers' clubPocket Books officesTom Walker's

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