Tesitera Levat was a female Romulan who lived in the 24th century and the head of the Tal Shiar. She was described as "heavyset" with grey hair and a worn face, but with a "core of iron will". (ST - The Fall novel: A Ceremony of Losses)


In 2383, Levat replaced Sela as the Chairwoman of the Tal Shiar. Praetor Gell Kamemor had selected Levat based on the recommendation of Anlikar Ventel. Kamemor found Levat for several reasons, particularly Levat's moral belief in the limits of the power of government and the Tal Shiar. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Raise the Dawn)

In 2384, Levat discussed the death of Esperanza Piñiero, and her replacement by the Breen with an android, with Praetor Kamemor. (TNG - Cold Equations novel: Silent Weapons)

In September 2385, Levat met with Tozrene, the current Tholian Facet for External Security, and Thot Nazz, head of the Breen Intelligence Directorate, via holoconference to discuss the progress over welcoming Andor into the Typhon Pact. (ST - The Fall novel: A Ceremony of Losses)


Chairmen of the Tal Shiar
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