Tessa Blake was a female human doctor and a commander in the Maquis, as part of the Bolivar cell.


In 2371, following the disappearances of both the Federation starship USS Voyager and the Maquis ship Val Jean, Tessa and the other members of her cell planned to free both crews, who they believed had been captured by the Cardassians. Tessa was particularly hoping to find her brother, Tom Blake. She then went aboard the Risa Express, to get a Doctor Simon to help her. However, he refuse her when she could give him 1000 bars. However, she was able to get DS9's CMO, Julian Bashir by kidnapping him. She then took him aboard a Tattella freighter where she rejoined the other members of her cell. There they waited till reached Goka and the Goka labor camp. However, after they arrived they were captured by Gul Dulcet. (DS9 - The Maquis: Soldier of Peace comics: "Vacation's Over", "Victims of Deceit")

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