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The Tevron system was a star system located at the edge of the Maelstrom. It was located close to the Vesuvi system.

The USS Sovereign, on its way to a refit, stopped here, along with its escorts, the B'rel-class IKS RanKuf and the IKV Trayor. Because both Klingon ships were due at Biranu Station, the Galaxy-class USS Dauntless was ordered to stop its resupply mission in the nearby Vesuvi system and head to Tevron to replace them.

However, before the Klingon ships could leave, two Romulan D'deridex-class warbirds, the IRW Chilvas and the IRW Soryak, decloaked and attacked, attempting to destroy the Sovereign. With the aid of the Dauntless, the Romulan attackers were repelled. Another ship, the Ambassador-class USS Zhukov, arrived to escort the Sovereign to its refit, allowing the Dauntless to continue on its resupply mission in the Vesuvi system, and allowing the Klingon ships (accompanied by Captain Jean-Luc Picard) to continue to Biranu Station. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)


  • Tevron (primary)
    • Tevron I
    • Tevron II

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