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Tzenketh map

Tzenketh map.

Tfenpthi'su is a city on the Tnectish continent of the planet Tzenketh. Tfenpthi'su was the jumping off point in the expansion of the Tzenkethi civilization to the northern continent where the Crown Mountains are located. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

the planet Tzenketh
cities and settlements KaralnLeroanTfenpthi'suTzenkurhTurozZar'tz
geography Chasm of IortzCrown Sea Ice CapDrogcha MountainsFru'anth Sea Ice CapIortakh MountainsLuorn MountainsTfenpthi MountainsTnectish continent (Tzu'Nar MountainsVhra'nek Mountains) • Zhorgka Mountains
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