Thaddeus Quint

Thaddeus Quint

Doctor Thaddeus Quint was a male Human Starfleet officer who graduated Starfleet Academy in 2349. He was the Chief medical officer on board the USS Righteous from 2359 until 2367 when the ship was presumed destroyed in the Battle of Wolf 359.

Although Quint received numerous recommendations from his superiors, he had several incidences of conflict with the crew. Dr. Quint was known for his pessimistic and negative attitude which manifested itself in off-color remarks. When Ensign Mercurius Singletary died in combat, Quint pronounced him dead and quipped: "Death in battle. If he were a Klingon, he’d be ecstatic."

When Q transported Qaylan Furlong back in time in order to save the USS Righteous, he impersonated Quint during the four hours before the Battle of Wolf 359. After Cadet Furlong managed to save the ship from certain destruction, Quint reappeared with no knowledge of what had transpired. The Righteous disappeared during the battle and was presumed destroyed until it reappeared in 2377. (ST video game: Borg)

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