This character is a member of Selar's family.

Thala was a blind Andorian girl born in space around the year 2359.


Her mother was a linguist who died after contracting a virus when Thala was only one year old. Thala was blind, and wore intricate personal sensor nets woven into her clothing, technology partly based on both Geordi La Forge's VISOR and Doctor Miranda Jones's sensor net technologies. Residing on the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D, Thala had known Doctor Selar since early 2365, when Thala and her diplomat father Thev traveled aboard the ship. Thev was planning to move to Delma in the Vega sector with her, but he was one of the eighteen people killed when the Borg sliced out a section of the ship. Thala's blindness made her nervous system immune to the visible spectrum from a large space artifact Enterprise studied. With the exception of herself and Tellarite physiology, most humanoids experience dementia, hallucinations and unconsciousness; leading to death, and Soong-type androids are observed to experience positronic overload and auto-shutdown. Thala's immunity to the object's madness was much the same Miranda Jones was resistant to the dangerous visual imagery emitted by Medusan Ambassador Kollos a century prior. Since Andorians supposedly abhor physical disabilities amongst their populace, Selar decided to adopt the girl and take her back to Vulcan. (TNG novel: The Eyes of the Beholders)


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